Birthday Boy and Trish


Written by: Eoin Killeen, Timothy Law, Patrisha Sanna Campbell

Performed by: Birthday Boy and Trish

A music producer and DJ renowned for his eclectic and inventive musical approach, Birthday Boy is also a unique vocalist and artist on the rise. Drawing from jazz, hip-hop, and funk, he cultivates a dynamic sound that ebbs and flows across genres, with a truly innovative sound revealed in both his productions and live sets. First establishing himself with a string of up-tempo remixes and genre-bending originals, Birthday Boy has earned the praise of outlets such as Pitchfork, The FADER, Hypebeast, and many more, through collaborations with fellow Toronto artists Allie, Drew Howard, and Trish. As he continues to take audiences by storm at WayHome and SXSW, Birthday Boy is working on upcoming projects with rising Canadian and International artists, all while working on his debut album, slated to drop later this year.