Jessie Reyez


Written by: Jessica Reyes, Bjoran Johan, Tobias Frelin, Blake Carter

Performed by: Jessie Reyez

Published by: BMG Rights Management

Earnest and raw, Jessie’s music comes from a genuine place. Born in Toronto, Canada to Colombian immigrants – Jessie’s story is one that constantly weaves worlds together. A vocalist from birth, Jessie Reyez was first introduced to the guitar by her father as a young girl and soon became inseparable with the instrument.

Pursuing music straight out of high school and finding a few early collaborators while still in Toronto – in 2012, Jessie’s family made a long awaited move to South Florida. Reyez continued trying to make connections and break into the music industry but found it even more difficult outside of her city so she took the DIY approach; shooting her own videos with a friend, learning to edit on iMovie and recording herself in her bedroom.

After catching some early attention via her work online in

2014, Jessie returned to Toronto after being accepted into The Remix Project’s Academy of Recording Arts -an internationally awarded artistic incubator. It was through Remix that she connected with several creatives that would help her realize the next phase of her journey.

Graduating at the end of that year, Jessie began taking part in writing camps and connecting with diverse talents across the world such as King Louie, Chance the rapper, Calvin Harris & frequent collaborator Tim Suby. In late 2016 “Figures”, the violent heartbreak anthem, was the first song released off her debut EP “Kiddo”. Premiered by Zane Lowe and championed by Elton John on Beats1 Radio, the song spoke intimately to people around the world – earning itself a lot of attention from multiple labels and millions of plays across multiple channels and platforms.

Inspired by some of her most emotional experiences, the EP is a soundscape of Jessie’s life. Whether sad, angry or triumphant, “Kiddo” gracefully crosses lines and callously ignores boundaries. When asked what genre she considers her self, Jessie will often reply in complete seriousness; “Quentin Tarantino”.

Seeking to drown out a few demons while shining a light on her truths and the human experience, this exciting creative is determined to reach her childhood goals