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Previous SOCAN Songwriting Prize nominees and winners

The SOCAN Songwriting Prize has featured the music of some of Canada’s top emerging songwriters since the first competition in 2006.

The Winner

Emily Steinwall
"Welcome to the Garden"
Written by:
Emily Steinwall
Performed by:
Emily Steinwall

List of Nominees

written by Johann Deterville, Adam Pondang, Savannah Ré Simpson; performed by Savannah Ré; Savannah Ré and Johann Deterville published by Sony Music Publishing, Adam Pondang published by Warner Chappell Music Canada Ltd. 
“By Myself”
written by Kahdijah Payne; performed by DijahSB and Harrison. 
“Can't Let Go”
written by Jeanne Gariépy, Gabrielle Godon; performed by Laroie; published by Arts & Crafts Music Publishing. 
written by Liam Cole, Thomas Gill, Dorothea Paas, Paul Saulnier; performed by Dorothea Paas
“Find a Home”
written by Andrew Lennox, Eric Lourenco, Kirsten Kurvink Palm, Adam Sturgeon, Joe Thorner; performed by Status/Non-Status
“Paper Thin”
written by Brendan Grieve, Nemah Hasan, Stevie Solomon; performed by Nemahsis. 
written by Kevin Ekofo, Jordon Manswell, Jonathan Martin, Evan Miles, Jon Vinyl, Corey Wong; Kevin Ekofo published by ST Music Circle, Jon Vinyl published by Warner Chappell Music Canada Ltd; performed by Jon Vinyl.  
“Trust Issues”
written by Erik Fintelman, Robyn Ottolini, Mark Schroor; performed by Robyn Ottolini; published by  Warner Chappell Music Canada Ltd. 
“want you more”
written by Amaka Queenette, Joshua Stanberry; performed by Amaka Queenette.